Skip-a-Pay Request

Skip-a-Payment allows you to postpone your HSFCU loan payment without impacting your credit rating. Interest will continue to accrue during the month the payment is skipped. For your convenience, you can choose the month to skip that works best for you.

HSFCU Auto Loans (New or Used), Personal (Signature) Loans and Share Secured Loans are eligible for Skip-A-Payment . An eligible loan is a consumer loan that has been opened longer than 12 months, and has not been delinquent in the preceding 12 months. Eligible loans may have a maximum of 2 skipped periods in a 12-month period. There is a $25.00 skip payment fee per loan.

To request a Skip-A-Payment, fill out the form below and click Submit Application

Applicant Information :


I request to Skip-a-Payment on my loan(s) with Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union (hereinafter "HSFCU"). I understand and agree that HSFCU will review my request(s) and that there is a $25 skip payment fee per loan, which will be taken from my HSFCU Checking (first source) or Savings Account. I understand this fee is a finance charge and may increase the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on my loan. I understand that skip-a-payment request must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the loan payment due date. I understand that if my request is processed that I will be allowed to make no payment for one month of my choosing without being considered delinquent on my loan ("skip period"). I understand that interest and finance charges will continue to accrue during the skip period. I understand that adding a skip period to my loan will extend the time it takes to pay off my loan. I agree to pay the balance on my HSFCU loan with interest at the same rate in accordance with all other existing provisions and the original note will remain in full force and effect including the accrual of interest. The Skip-a-Payment Program may be rescinded at any time at the sole discretion of HSFCU.

By placing this request, you certify that all statements made are true and complete. You authorize HSFCU to obtain any information necessary to process this request, including a credit report. A credit union representative will contact you if any additional information is needed to process your request or if your request is denied.

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